More exciting than….a new puppy!

BTC Fiber is coming to your area!

We want everyone in BTC service area to have access to fast, reliable fiber internet. If you live in one of the shaded areas on the map, good news! BTC Fiber service will be available as soon as construction is complete in your area.

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Fiber is Coming Soon! Fill out the form to show your interest and we will add you to our sign-up list.

With Fiber-fast internet you can enjoy:


  • Faster Internet: Super-fast speeds up to 1 Gig mean no more lag or buffering.
  • Unlimited Data: Stream, work, and play on all your devices any time without incurring additional charges for exceeding data limits.
  • Higher Property Values: Homes with fiber internet can increase in value by $5,500+.
  • Local Company: Our network is owned, built, and serviced by your neighbors.
  • Better Service: Fast response times and resolutions from skilled technicians.
  • Reliable Connection: Keep internet connectivity even in bad weather conditions and during periods of high usage.

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Fiber Build Map